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Bring your dream destination home.


6 Room Landed | Dollars Colony, Bangalore


This young-at-heart couple, unable to travel like before, missed the resort laden life. “Why travel to a resort when you can live in one?”, thought Satya. Here is the result.

All sketched out

Say Hello this monochrome abode


Designed with deep conversations in mind and in colors reminiscing the colonial past, this corner invites one to a tête-à-tête, with a guest or sitting beside oneself, against the backdrop of "Infinity", a surreal image taken in Hampi, India.

Rock Climbing

Shot in Delhi, this rarest of images, depicts "rock climbers", cleaning the surface of the Lotus Temple, who are gloriously lit by the black table lamp silhouetting against the white walls.

Peak Decor

With a monochromatic color scheme weaving itself into the decor, the fabrics, the lighting, and even the layout of cushions mimics the Matterhorn at Sunrise photograph in the back.


5 Room Condominium | The Anchorage, Queenstown


This well traveled couple have a special love for Malaysia and the memories the vibrant country brought into their lives. So Satya set out to craft a Peranakan themed abode that blends the many rich cultures of the Malay peninsula into one.

All set to move in!


Gorgeous Peranakan patterns on the floor capture imagination instantly while the intricate basin and flat and vibrant shades spice up the rest.

Floating Kitchen

The eye catching patterns all around the kitchen sandwiched between rich mustard yellow and cerulean teal shades give the illusion of a floating kitchen.

Colors Galore

Beautifully designed furniture boasting of rich culture invite you in while those doors sporting a vibrant set of frosted glass panels ties the greens, blues, and yellows around the home; anchoring as a focal point to the space.


4 Room Condominium | Poiz Residences, Potong Pasir


The homeowners longed for the glimpses of their favourite destination. Satya's solution – bring Santorini home.

Inspired by the natural water views this place lends, Satya captured the Greek paradise's sights, its crisp white and blue hues, its whitewashed surfaces, to recreate imagery reminiscent of a wonderful journey.

Square Rooms Design Showcase, September 2021

As featured on Crazy Nice Homes

Blues & Hues

The iconic blue was complimented with a myriad of compatible hues to create a vibe that was quintessentially Santorini.

Lights & Sights

Distressed painting on the floors and lined with pebbles, candles & flora was mirrored with the rustic lighting to craft a minimalist yet inviting space for a relaxing morning coffee or a chill evening with cocktails.

Beautiful yet functional

Moving to a smaller home meant wall art designs that doubled as storage.

The iconic Santorini white & blue buildings landscape leading into the water was re-imagined with white & blue shelves leading down towards the pool.

Bathroom A – Santorini

Contrasting Blue & White tiles that break into a traditional greek patten flooring.

Bathroom B – Mermaid

Waves of hues – turquoise & teal, blue & green, mix together and make a refreshing space.

From lights & paints to surfaces & textures, from art & decor to furnishing & finishing, every single little detail looked, felt, and breathed Santorini.

A video walkthrough (before furnishing)


4 Room Apartment | Treelodge, Punggol


The eclectic backpacking & globetrotting couple wished they could teleport to Bali every evening. So Satya did just that!

Furnishing & Finishing

A hefty wooden slab dining set constructed on location, in line with the matte and rough edged surfaces and finishing adds raw beauty to the space.


To give their extensive travels a place to live, we created a 10ft custom map that becomes a guide, a bucket list, and a journal filled with travel adventures.

Top to Bottom

The dark wooden ceiling panel creates a cozy space under while the brown stone feature wall holds a display shelf of travel memorabilia that doubles as a projector screen for epic movie nights.

To maximize space and to create an illusion of floating while dreaming, a raised platform water bed was created.

Rustic Kitchen

The wood heavy design flows into the kitchen with introduction of grey to give a modern touch to the otherwise rustic kitchen.

Spa-ctacular Bathrooms

Wooden basins and bowls against contrasting black & grey tilings make every visit to this place feel like heaven.

Satya Saya