Satya Saya


Part bucket list. Part journal. Part wall art. Part of your life.

The Stories That Tell Our Story


BEEN THERE DONE THAT is a series of interactive posters designed to inspire you to reignite your passion. Satya knew what it was like to get caught up in the every day. Whether your passion is booksfilmstravelexperiences or cooking - it’s so easy to put what we want to do aside for what we have to do. 

So he set out to create something beautiful. Something experiential. Something personal. That is completely yours. Something you can hang on the wall with pride. Something that inspires you to get out and do the things you love to do. BTDT built a formula that takes reviews and ratings from multiple sources to compile and curate a more authentic “100 Best” list and made the artwork underneath stunning for you to want to scratch them all off. 

Part bucket list, part journal, part wall art, part of your life..  Live the journey, share the story.

Introducing LIFELOGUES


“BEEN THERE DONE THAT is about my love for life, for the multitude of experiences it can be lived through fostering them as passionately as one can. Be it by seeing the world or capturing it through my lens; be it by the wonders of music composition or the sounds my band creates on stage; be it through creative expression on paper or the transformation of those sketches and ideas into reality; there is so much adventure life has to offer and only so much life left to live.

From books & movies to music & musicals, from travel & adventure to food & drinks, from the interests I knew of to the interests I didn’t; I needed to find a way to help as many as I could realise how much life is worth living and why its never too late to start. And this is why I founded BEEN THERE DONE THAT; with the sole purpose of inspiring the world to find passions to pursue and to pursue passions passionately.”


Founder & Creative Director

The LIFELOGUE Collection


100 curated collectible artwork, hidden under exquisite gold foil..

..waiting to be revealed!


Select. Scratch. Sticker. Shade.

In billions of ways to create your personal masterpiece.


100 gorgeous illustrations inspire you to reveal and relive experiences of a lifetime.

The first BTDT print. Dated 2010.

Born as a 10 ft custom designed map, set out to inspire travel, this 10+ year old was the first custom made poster Satya created to inspire him to travel and journal the world.